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Transport Management

Transport Management

Well Managed Transport business is the key to bring more profit

out of business in current competitive world around. Early the

need for better managed business is understood and well defined

and proven process is placed around to manage the entities

involved, helps in increased turn over, reduced maintenance cost,

saving on various parameters and in turn better turn over/profit ratio.

Transport Management work revolves around daily terms such as

Truck/Lorry, Driver, Diesel, Pick up Party, Delivery Party, Distance

between source and destination, time required and so on. Effective management

of all this for small scale to large scale business has not been easy

due to changing economical scenes, fuel rates, wages, customer expectation

and cut throat competition around.Without an effective solution to

manage resources well and bring efficiency from in-house saving,

effective management of available resources and readily available

information to take quick decision around and be competitive

causes inadvertent loss, reduced profit, loss of opportunity and

business on declining trend. This puts forth the need for

better managed and controlled transport management .

About this Solution

  • This Solution has been developed to facilitate Transport Industry. Especially for transporters who do business inter-city.

  • This Solution will help transporters to maintain records of Trucks, Drivers, Trips, Customers, Diesel Expenses, other expenses.

  • The Add on provides Automatic Journal facility for Diesel Consumption, Petrol Pump Accounting, Freight Charges, Driver Advances & Expenses.

  • It provides us the facility to enter important information related to Diesel, Advances, Meter reading etc.

  • This Solution is an automated system where user put required daily entries and it will generate the reports required for their business.

  • An Integrated Solution which will help the user to manage records of multiple things like Drivers and their expenses, Hired/Owned Trucks and their Trip details, etc.

  • Solution doesn’t require repetitions of the work and offer perfect control on system operations.  User can access instant reports which can be available in multiple formats.




Features/Advantages of the solution

  •   All Vehicles operating in the fleet.

  •   Drivers assigned to the fleet and their Monthly Salary and accounting associated.

  •   Source and Destination and distance between them

  •   Measurement units for Goods being transported

  •   Receiving and Delivery Party Details and Accounting associated

  •   Fuel price and consideration for periodic variation in fuel price

  •   Documentation need for each vehicle/driver such as insurance expiry, driver’s license expiry, Fitness, Tax due dates etc.

  •   Accounting for other parties such as Fuel Pump, Loading/Unloading expenses, Vehicle Maintenance etc.  


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